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Discover curated events in your area

With the Discover page on Jambo, you can see upcoming happenings that are curated specifically for your area by our team. Never miss a moment or the opportunity to try something new.

Meet new people with similar social interests

By actually attending events, you can easily create new relationships with other people that have real similar interests as you, as opposed to what their other social media profiles say they are “interested in.”

Stay in-the-know with what your friends are doing

On the Feed page, you will see a constant stream of upcoming events that people you follow are interested in attending. You can also see photos they’ve posted at those events.

Create memories by sharing your photos at events

Turn real life experiences into memories by saving photos from your attended events on your profile. Every post is attached to an event, so you can look back to see your memories and photos taken by other people at the same time and place.

Support your community’s local businesses

Since events on Jambo are curated by members of your community, we will likely favor small businesses in your area to help the local economy and show our appreciation to them during the recent trying times.

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Jambo Social is available for download on App Store and Google Play.

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